Mission Statement

Where learning is fun.

Our mission is to provide high quality care and education, in partnership with our families and the wider community

Bentilee Nursery School aims

  • For every child to enjoy coming to school to learn through play
  • For our school to be a safe, happy and secure environment where children can take risks and learn through their mistakes in a supportive way
  • For every parent to be valued as the child’s first educator to enable us to work in partnership to develop our children’s education together so that they can reach their true potential
  • For every child to have equality of access to the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum
  • For our children to believe they can be anything they want to be
  • For our school to make challenge and high expectations achievable targets in life
  • For each child to be encouraged to foster an awareness of and respect for their immediate environment and the wider world around them
  • For each child to form positive relationships with their peers and adults
  • For each child to be proud of their culture and to share it with others so that mutual respect is achieved in our multi cultural society
  • For our school to embrace individuality and to ensure that differences are viewed as positive gifts, each having a purpose in life that can be used to help others
  • For the school and community to work in cooperation to give our children real life learning opportunities