Our parents are very important to us at Bentilee Nursery as children achieve when home and school work well together. We welcome our parents into the Nursery and are continually looking for ways to develop strong and positive links with you. Each child’s development is carefully monitored and our parents are kept informed of progress.

We encourage our parents to join us to share special events as often as possible so that you can enjoy the milestones in your child’s education.

Why choose us

  • 4 Times Ofsted judged to be an OUTSTANDING provider. That means we are the best in the area.
  • We believe that your child is most precious and deserves the best possible start in life.
  • We believe in working very closely with you as the parent/ carer because you know your child better than anyone else.
  • We have our own Family Support Worker who supports your concerns and also delivers training.
  • We are a real school (like a Primary school but catering for children aged 3-5years) with its own Headteacher who has 32 years experience in early years. 20 of those years, as a Nursery School Headteacher and has a Masters degree and a post graduate certificate in special educational needs and its own Governing Body.
  • We have very strong links with the local school, Maple Court Academy, and we do visits all year round, share training and work together to ensure that when your child starts the “big school” they are confident, excited and happy and have already had a thorough grounding in Letters & Sounds and mathematics.
  • Staff at the school have all worked in schools and understand what being “school ready” means. There is a specialist early years teacher in the room leading the team and all Early Years practitioners are NVQ Level 3 qualified and are key persons designated to look after your child’s group and their records who will make strong links with you.
  • We have a teacher support assistant who support display and daily routines.
  • We attend all school related meetings and training so we know what your child has to learn and by when as they enter the Primary school.
  • The Nursery school is a recognised early years training provider for schools and setting across the City, and helps to train teachers from universities.
  • We are specialists in special educational needs and work closely with the Local Authority Special Educational Needs Service and Educational Psychologists to ensure that if your child has any difficulties with learning we can start to sort them out at Nursery, before they go to the “big school”.
  • We have specialist speech and language staff to support children with communication and language. (We are a Stoke Speaks Out Level 4 accredited school).
  • We are in Tree House Children’s Centre and use its services to offer more than child care with health visitor meetings, training, advice and support and a crèche for your children not in nursery. We are keen to develop this further according to what you need.

Miss Juliet Levingstone Headteacher